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with the use of Casella Cel-630, Cel-632, Cel-633, Cel-620, Cel-621, Cel-350, Cel-352, Cel-240, Cel-242, Cel-246, Casella Noise Guardian, and Casella Boundary Guardian series of sound meters, noise testing equipment, and integrated web based systems.  Noise Testing Equipment .com is intended to assist people with noise surveys and is not a definitive guide.

Within this noise testing equipment training website, there are five courses. Each course covers one series of noise testing equipment: the Cel-630 series, the Cel-620 series, the Cel-350 series, or the Cel-240 series. Currently, the Guardian series course is under construction. Because there are a myriad of models and configurations for each noise testing equipment series, each course will focus on the premium model and configuration that provides the user wit the most options. This is because the premium models use the same interface as other models within a series with the addition of a few more options. Therefore, by learning the operation of the premium model, one also will learn the operation of the most basic model.

For all Cel-630 series models, go to the Casella 633 Sound Level Meter Training Course.

For all Cel-620 series models, go to the Casella 621 Sound Level Meter Training Course.

For all Cel-630 series models, go to thecCasella 352 Personal Noise Dosimeter Training Course.

For all Cel-240 series models, go to the Casella 246 Sound Level Meter Training Course.

Equipment used in the Casella training lessons can be rented from K. D. Jones Instruments. Call 1-800-272-0301.

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Casella Boundary Guardian Sound Level and Dust Meter

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The Casella Boundary Guardian is the ultimate jobsite compliance instrument with the ability to measure dust, noise, wind direction, and speed, reporting results from remote areas via the internet. Other Casella Guardian instruments can be ordered that measure noise only or dust. However, this course will focus on the Boundary model as it can do it all. This course will likely be under construction, as the Guardian line is new and not much material it out regarding operation.


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