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Noise Testing Equipment

website offers rentals, sales, and assistance

for a variety of noise testing equipment. At this time, the site focuses on  the use of Casella Cel-633, Cel-632, Cel-630, Cel-620, Cel-621, Cel-350, Cel-352, Cel-240, Cel-242, Cel-246, Casella Noise Guardian, and Casella Boundary Guardian series of sound meters, noise testing equipment, and integrated web based systems. Noise Testing Equipment .Com  is intended to assist people with noise surveys, rentals, and hopefully the purchase of a Casella product. This site is not a definitive guide. While any discussion about theory or applications may apply to other manufactures of sound level instrumentation, this site focuses on the use of Casella broadband sound level meters, octave band sound level meters, and one-third octave band (1/3 octave band) sound analyzers. Casella Sound Meter is in the business of providing sound meters to customers throughout the world. The team at Noise Testing Equipment.Com  would like to express its appreciation to Casella for providing access to their products’ technical information, providing presentation materials, and permission to use this material. Without their support, this website would not be possible. Thank you. Noise Testing Equipment.Com is an independent website and authorized to sell and rent Casella Sound Level Meters and other Casella instruments. Noise testing equipment, dosimeters, sound level meters, and other instruments can be rented from K. D. Jones Instruments.

Noise testing and sound level monitoring is a must.

Noise Testing Equipment .com is not a replacement for the user manuals, common sense, experience, or for the education necessary to conduct successful noise monitoring, noise detection, and sound level surveys. A background in physics, medicine, engineering, and/or mathematics benefits survey designers and operators. A wide selection of books and reading material is available by searching the internet. A good place to start is CasellaUSA.com. Because there is always the potential for misinformation, it is highly recommended that one goes through all procedures at the office or home base before going to a project. It is very important to experiment with the equipment over known conditions, to understand how the equipment operates and responds.

Many products discussed at Noise Testing Equipment .com

are available for engineers, scientists, technician, and other professionals to rent or purchase. You are welcome to browse the site’s catalog pages. However, the site is intended to demonstrate what noise testing equipment is available. Prices and rental periods are listed but may not reflect the actual cost or availability. Professionals who are interested in noise testing equipment need to contact us direct for a quote and to confirm the availability of instruments over a rental period.



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