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This page on noise articles, blogs, and posts discusses Where Does Noise Come From, One-Third Band Octave Band Analyzers, OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure, Noise Weighting Scales A B C D Z, Noise Ordinance Laws, and What is sound?. Coming up in the near future, material is being prepared about Monitoring Train Noise Sound Levels, Monitoring Wind Turbine Sound Levels, Monitoring Rock Concert Festival Sound Levels, Monitoring Jet Sound Levels, and Monitoring Roadway Traffic and Car Stereo Noise.

A good place to start is reading the noise article post on “What is Sound?.” Understanding more about how sound is created and transmitted helps people like engineers, architects, medical technicians, and monitors with determining which sound level meter or dosimeter is best for them. It also assists with developing a monitoring program. As basic as sound is to our everyday life, well educated people often need a refresher about the physics behind the creation of sound. Then professionals can apply standards properly and operate sound level meters (like a 1/3 Octave Band Analyzer or a Broadband Analyzer) with great confidences.

Noise Articles, Blogs, and Posts want to know what you think about noise cancelling headphones.

Noise Articles, Blogs, and Posts want to know what you think about noise cancelling headphones.

At some point in time, one is going to need to commit to utilizing a regulatory standard, like OSHA, NIOSH, or MSHA Standards. These sound level standards describe in great details the type of equipment needed and how it should be implemented. The sound level standards also explain the type of weighting scale should be applied to the raw unweighted monitored response. Here are some of the more common Noise Weighting Scales A B C D Z.

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