Casella CEL-620 series is an intermediate sound level meter for complex noise environments.

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The Casella CEL-620 series meter features include a wide dynamic range from 20 to 140 dB on single span, A, C and Z frequency weightings, and simultaneously recording Slow, Fast, and Impulse time responses calculated at 3, 4, and 5db exchange rates. This sound level meter calculates and stores all the common noise parameters so that even the most inexperienced users capture the data that they need.

A large 240 x 320 pixel color ¼ VGA graphic display and simple menu structure make operation easy!

The Casella CEL-620 comes in two different models, each with three different versions and two different microphone accuracies. Kits with an acoustic calibrator, wrist strap, foam windscreen, USB cable, Insight plugin, and small kit case can be purchased as well.

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Ultra Wide Range Integrating Sound Level Meter

The Casella CEL-620 series sound level meter is for industrial use with a complex noise level climate. While it can be used for a basic survey, this sound level meter series has a measurement range of 20 to 140dB, capturing all the noise needed for an environment with varying, complex noise. Depending on the model- A, C, and Z (unweighted) channels can be simultaneously recorded. Furthermore, Slow, Fast, and Impulse responses are used to calculate the time weighted average with 3, 4, and 5dB exchange rates for each run. In essence, the Casella CEL-620 series meter makes measurements simple for new and experienced users because it will capture all noise and calculate the most popular noise measurements so that no vital information is absent. The Casella CEL-620 series meter does not measure intervals, profiles, or periods and is not a data logging unit; all results for this sound level meter are cumulative. For a data logging unit, please take look at the Casella CEL-630 series.

The Casella CEL-620 series sound level meter possesses a 240 x 320 pixel color screen with an easy-to-use menu structure. All menus are color-coded to easily distinguish what mode the sound level meter is in. For instance, a green menu bar signifies that the sound level meter is collecting data while a red menu bar means the instrument is in standby mode. A yellow menu bar appears for calibration. Calibration is straightforward: Set the calibrator over the microphone and turn it on. The sound level meter will instantly recognize the tone and ask to accept the calibration process. The instrument will then pass calibration.

Power to the Casella CEL-620 series sound level meter is derived by three AAA batteries and can last up to twelve hours. An external 12 Vdc source such as a mains supply is available for extended measurements.

The memory of the Casella CEL-620 series is a Micro SD 1GB non-volatile memory that will connect directly to a computer via USB connection. No special drivers are required for use with Windows XP, Vista or Win 7 Operating systems. The Casella CEL-620 is seen in Windows Explorer as a standard PC memory card device and information can be obtained and reports made with Casella’s Insight software.



The Casella CEL-620 series possesses different configurations for your specific application.

The Casella CEL-620 series comes in two different models. The CEL-620 is the base model of this series while the CEL-621 has all of the same parameters as the CEL-620 with the addition of five LN% parameters. For a graphical comparison chart, visit the model comparison page. or Casella Solution.

There are three versions, A, B, and C, that differentiate the amount of detail that the sound level meter collects. The A version meter provides the overall broadband results with the A, C and Z (unweighted) channel for all measurements. The B version meter adds the ability to record 11 simultaneous octave bands from 16 Hz to 16 kHz while the C version model adds 33 third octave band measurements from 12.5 Hz to 20 kHz.

In addition, there are two microphones types that specify different accuracy levels. The Type 1 microphone is a precision grade microphone for use in complex environment surveys and laboratory use. The Type 2 microphone is a general use grade microphone that is often used for basic environment surveys and work noise surveys. As can be expected, a more accurate microphone can be used for basic surveys as well.

The Casella CEL-620 series can be purchased alone or with one of two kits. Kit 1 features standard accessories including an acoustic calibrator, carrying case, and three AA batteries. Kit 2 features all of the accessories of Kit 1 with the addition of Casella’s Insight software that makes for easy interpretation and reports.

Casella CEL-620 Sound Level Meter Price List

CEL-620.A1 $2,195
CEL-620.A2 $1,495
CEL-620.B1 $2,795
CEL-620.B2 $2,095
CEL-620.C1 $3,595
CEL-620.C2 $2,895
CEL-620.A1/K1 $3,030
CEL-620.A1/K2 $3,325
CEL-620.A2/K1 $2,000
CEL-620.A2/K2 $2,295
CEL-620.B1/K1 $3,630
CEL-620.B1/K2 $3,925
CEL-620.B2/K1 $2,600
CEL-620.B2/K2 $2,895
CEL-620.C1/K1 $4,430
CEL-620.C1/K2 $4,725
CEL-620.C2/K1 $3,400
CEL-620.C2/K2 $3,695
CEL-621.A1 $TBD
CEL-621.A2 $TBD
CEL-621.B1 $TBD
CEL-621.B2 $TBD
CEL-621.C1 $TBD
CEL-621.C2 $TBD
CEL-621.A1/K1 $TBD
CEL-621.A1/K2 $TBD
CEL-621.A2/K1 $TBD
CEL-621.A2/K2 $TBD
CEL-621.B1/K1 $TBD
CEL-621.B1/K2 $TBD
CEL-621.B2/K1 $TBD
CEL-621.B2/K2 $TBD
CEL-621.C1/K1 $TBD
CEL-621.C1/K2 $TBD
CEL-621.C2/K1 $TBD
CEL-621.C2/K2 $TBD

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Casella CEL-620 Series Technical Specs

Technical Specification – General
Accuracy: ANSI S1.4 & S1.43, IEC 61672-1 2002-5
Frequency filters comply with: ANSI S1.11 and IEC 61260
Microphone type: Removable ½” Free field Electret microphone
Type 1 or Type 2 as specified on fixed preamplifier
Reference Conditions: 68°F (20°C) air temperature,
65% Relative Humidity,
1013 mbar (101.325 kPa) atmospheric pressure.
Operating Temperature Range: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) (Class 1)
32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C) (Class 2)
Effect of Humidity: Less than ±0.5dB over the range 30 to 90% RH
(non-condensing), rel. to value at ref. conditions
Operating pressure range: 650 to 1080 mbar (65 to 108 kPa)
Batteries: 3 x AA Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable types
Battery Life: (hours) Up to 12 hours without backlight
Dimensions w x h x d: (in/mm) 2.8 x 9.0 x 1.2 in (71.5x 230.0x 31.0mm) including preamplifier and microphone
Weight including batteries: (oz/gm) 10.1 oz (< 291g)
Tripod socket for fixed measurements Yes via standard camera thread (1/4” size)
Operator controls: Buttons for power On/Off and 2 x context sensitive menu selection + 4 navigation and confirm buttons
Technical Specification – Performance
Total measurement range (dB) 20 to 140
Dynamic range on single measurement span (dB) 120
Noise floor (A weighted dB) < 25 (Class 1)
< 30 (Class 2)
Frequency weightings A, C & Z (unweighted)
Time weightings Slow, Fast and Impulse
Displayed parameters available as per user selected list or using pre-configured setups Instantaneous level – Lp, peak level Lpk
Maximum level Lmx, Minimum level – Lmn
Average levels Leq, LDOD, Lavg, Ltm3, Ltm5
Narrow band real time measurements B version) 11 octave bands 16 Hz to 16 kHz
(C version) 33 third octave bands 12.5 Hz to 20 kHz plus A & C & Z broad band levels
Display of octave and third octave band levels Complete range to optimize dynamic span with listing of avg & max band levels in tabular format
Measurements made in octave (& 1/3) band mode include Lmx and Leq with selected freq and time weightings
Reset of max/min/average level from key press by user Yes – with non-decaying max/min hold
Display type 240 x 320 full color dot matrix LCD digital including real-time analog bar graph scale
Display resolution – numeric (dB) 0.1
Display resolution – graphical (dB) 1
Update rate for display (seconds) 0.5
Displayed time span for time history chart (minutes) Last 60 seconds
Calibration method Automatically recognized by meter
Signal detected when calibrator placed over microphone at 1 kHz frequency Calibration level set to 114.0 or 94.0 dB with +/-1 dB span and 0.1 dB resolution by user
External power option (12 Vdc) Yes via universal CEL-PC18 unit
Analog outputs AC (and optional DC) via 2.5 mm jack socket
AC output characteristics –
(Provided for DAT tape / PC wav file recording or headphone applications)
Approx 0.85V RMS FSD output on selected sound level measurement range.
Minimum load impedance 22kΩ
DC output characteristics –
(Provided at time of order as option for connection to chart recorder or pc data logging system)
0 to 1.3V DC for FSD on selected range.
Output corresponds to selected frequency and time weighting. 2kΩ Output impedance
Digital output of stored result sets USB 2.0 format of memory results as .CSV text file via ‘mini B’ USB (meter acts as a USB memory card)


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