Casella CEL-240

Casella CEL-240

The Casella CEL-240 is the simplest meter in the CEL line. A digital meter at an analog price.

Starting at $395! – Prices will vary depending on options.

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The Casella CEL-240 is ANSI Type 2 accuracy sound level meter with instantaneous Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Maximum Noise Level (Max) and optional Time Averaging, Lavg and Leq measurement capabilities. It possesses a wide range of 30 to 130dB that measures Slow, Fast and Impulse time weightings on the A or C weighting scale. The screen is a large 128 x 128 LCD screen with large numeric and analog bar graph displays. This model is great for basic noise monitoring applications.

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Buy a Casella CEL-240 series sound level meter!

Basic General Purpose Sound Level Meter

The Casella CEL-240 is a low cost Type 2 sound level meter with the power of digital signal processing! Get a digital meter at an analog price. In need of a basic sound level meter? This is the unit. Possessing two measurement ranges that reach as low as 30dB and high as 130dB, it has the ability to capture A & C weightings at a Slow, Fast, and Impulse response timed. This makes the Casella CEL-240 ideal for industrial hygiene measurements whether it be a machinery noise surveys or a general purpose workplace noise level measurement.

The meter features the instantaneous sound level plus the maximum hold feature on all screens plus a real-time bar graph display. In a situation where noise levels are constantly varying, the time history trending graph will be useful for seeing the noise levels of short events.

The Casella CEL-240 features a 128 x 128 pixel LCD screen with two large buttons for simple operation. Calibration is as simple as well: connect the calibrator to the unit and turn both the calibration device and CEl-240 on. The Casella CEL-240 will instantly recognize the calibrator and perform calibration. The simplicity of this unit is great for both experienced and new users.

This Casella unit has a low-power consumption microprocessor. In fact, a set of 3 AA batteries will last for more than 35 hours in this Casella unit at room temperature. Not only is the Casella CEL-240 a quality unit but it is inexpensive to run.


The Casella CEL-240 series possesses different configurations for your specific application.

The Casella CEL-240 series contains 4 different models  The Casella CEL-240 is the base version in the series which satisfies the accuracy standards of ANSI S1.4 and IEC 61672 type 2. The Casella CEL-242 is the data logging version of the CEL-240. The CEL-244 has all of the features of the CEL-240 with the addition of time averaged values Leq or Lavg. The CEL-246 is the data logging version of the CEL-244. View a model comparison chart here. Standard measurement kits denoted by K1 or optional computer output kits denoted by K2 are available, which are complete monitoring packages that include a calibrator, storage/travel case, and accessories (visit Casella).

Casella CEL-240 Series Price List

Casella CEL-240 $395
Casella CEL-242 $695
Casella CEL-244 $895
Casella CEL-246 $1,195
Casella CEL-240 (Pack of 6) $2,250
Casella CEL-242 (Pack of 6) $3,950
Casella CEL-244 (Pack of 6) $5,100
Casella CEL-246 (Pack of 6) $6,800
Casella CEL-240/K1 $895
Casella CEL-242/K1 $1,195
Casella CEL-244/K1 $1,395
Casella CEL-246/K1 $1,695
Casella CEL-240/K2 $995
Casella CEL-242/K2 $1,295
Casella CEL-244/K2 $1495
Casella CEL-246/K2 $1,795


Click here to see the Casella CEL-240 Series Accessory Price List


Casella CEL-240 Specifications

Technical Specification – Performance

Total measurement range (dB)

30 to 130

Dynamic span on single range (dB)


Number of measurement ranges – 2 ranges

(Low and High dB)

(30-100 & 60-130)

Noise floor (A weighted dB)

< 33

Frequency weightings

A and C

Time weightings

Slow, Fast and Impulse

Displayed parameters available on all user screens

Instantaneous level – Lp,

Maximum level-Lmx* (244&246 models) – Time avg. value-Leq, Lavg

Reset of maximum and average level by user

Yes-with non-decaying max hold

Display type

128 x 128 dot matrix LCD digital including real-time analog bar graph scale

Display resolution-numeric (dB)


Display resolution-graphical (dB)


Update rate for display (seconds)


Displayed time span for time history chart (minutes)

Last 1 or 5

Calibration method

Automatically recognized by meter

Signal detected when calibrator placed over microphone at 1 kHz frequency

Calibration level set to 114.0 or 94.0 dB without the need for user adjustment

External power option (5 Vdc)

Yes with CMC51 cable via USB socket

Analog outputs

AC (and optional DC) via 2.5 mm jack socket

AC output characteristics –

(Provided for DAT tape / PC wav file recording or headphone applications)

Approx 0.85V RMS FSD output on selected sound level measurement range.

Minimum load impedance 22kohm

DC output characteristics –

(Provided at time of order as option for connection to chart recorder or PC data logging system)

0 to 1.3V DC for FSD on selected range. Output corresponds to selected frequency and time weighting. 2kohm— Output impedance

Digital output

USB 2.0 format of instantaneous sound level via mini USB socket (also powers meter)

Digital output characteristics-(value output once per second)

Instantaneous SPL output (software required) as per selected frequency and time weightings.


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