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Sound level meters and workplace dosimeters are used for environmental surveys, noise nuisance complaints, product noise emission testing, workplace noise safety compliance, transportation noise surveys, and many other noise monitoring situations. Visit the Noise Testing Standards Page to learn more about noise monitoring applications and some of the regulations behind noise testing. As always, use due diligence, common sense, and professional experience to guide any noise investigation.

Sound level meters and workplace dosimeters sold by are made by Casella. Casella has a rich history, being founded in 1799 and supplying instrumentation to notable figures such as David Livingstone and Charles Darwin. Obviously, the company’s focus has greatly changed since providing Darwin with meteorological equipment in 1830. However, their commitment to scientific instrumentation has not waned. Innovation is important to Casella! In 1861, Casella patented the mercury thermometer. In 1961, Casella developed the first personal air sampling pump. Continuing their dedication to workplace safety, the company developed the world’s first digital integrating noise meter in 1971 and launched the world’s first handheld, battery-powered real time noise analyzer in 1993. Casella continues to innovate scientific instrumentation and possesses the experience to manufacturer the best sound level meters and workplace dosimeters on the market.

According to Casella, its “aim is to enhance the long term health and quality of life for workers in high risk occupational sectors and to monitor the impact on the environment through innovative technology, easy to use products and expertise that can be trusted.” (

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buy rent sound level meters

Buy Rent Sound Level Meters


buy rent sound level meters

Buy Rent Sound Level Meters

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Casella CEL-240

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