Casella Boundary Guardian

Casella Boundary Guardian

Casella’s web-based remote noise and dust monitoring series for environmentally sensitive areas.

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The Casella Guardian series consists of three different models: BOUNDARY Guardian, NOISE Guardian, and DUST Guardian. The BOUNDARY Guardian is a web-based remote noise and dust monitor while the NOISE Guardian is a web-based remote noise monitor and the DUST Guardian is a web-based remote dust monitor.

The Casella Guardian series features include an IEC61672-1 Compliant Sound Level Meter for accurate and reliable results that measure LAF, LAFmx, LAeq, LCpk as well as noise percentile readings LAF10, LAF90, LAF95. Additional parameters are available upon request. It also possesses proven dust measurement technology (PM10, PM2.5 or TSP) with a heated inlet to reduce moisture interference. An optional wind speed and direction sensor is available as well. Remote monitoring results are logged via a secure website.

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Web-based Remote Noise & Dust Monitoring Device

Whether it is monitoring a new construction site in a densely populated area or the demolition of an old building in an environmentally sensitive area, the Casella Guardian series is capable of noise and dust monitoring 24 hours a day.

The Casella Guardian series is for boundary and site monitoring applications that provide simultaneous, remote monitoring of dust, noise, wind speed and direction that can be accessed anywhere with a internet connection. The Casella Guardian can alert the operator that noise or dust thresholds have been surpassed via text message or email, allowing for instantaneous knowledge of events. These events are accessed by a private login to a dedicated storage website ( Data on this website is displayed graphically, has the ability to be separated by parameter or time period, and can be exported via spreadsheet for the easy creation of monitor reports.

Casella BOUNDARY Guardian Data

Casella Guardian Data

The Casella Guardian noise systems come with a Class 1 microphone, logger with data transfer, and outdoor protection for the microphone. These units run on mains electricity (220-240 or 110VAC). Installation is simple; the unit can be wall mounted by screwing the instrument brackets to 2×4 studs or the instrument enclosure can be attached to a 2” pole via U bolts.

Key features of the Casella BOUNDARY Guardian include:

  • IEC61672-1 Compliant Sound Level Meter for accurate and reliable results
  • Measures LAF, LAFmx, LAeq, LCpk as well as Noise Percentile Readings LAF10, LAF90, LAF95(additional parameters available on request)
  • Proven dust measurement technology (PM10, PM2.5 or TSP)
  • Heated inlet to reduce moisture interference
  • Maintenance free wind speed and direction sensor (optional)
  • Web hosted data with a secure private login.
  • E-mail and optional text alarms when noise levels are exceeded
  • Easily export and report data
  • Housed in a weatherproof enclosure

Applications of the Casella BOUNDARY Guardian include:

  • Demolition phase monitoring
  • Construction sites
  • Roadside / traffic monitoring
  • Waste transfer stations
  • General compliance monitoring
  • Site monitoring strategies
  • Planning guidance monitoring
  • Section 61 compliance (UK)
  • PPG24 compliance (UK)


Casella Guardian Series Price List

NOISE Guardian $XXXX
DUST Guardian $XXXX

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Casella Guardian Series Technical Specs

Technical Specification



Class 1 to IEC61672-1


LAeq, LAmax,

LA10%, LA90%

Measurement range

20-140dB RMS


Via provided acoustic CEL-120/1 calibrator (supplied)




Zero stability


Size Fractions

Selectable TSP, PM10 or PM2.5


Heated to reduce moisture affecting measurements


Insert provided for onsite calibration.

Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

Wind Speed








Wind Direction

0-359° (No Deadband)




0.1 degrees


Enclosure Protection


Operating Humidity

<5% to 100%


Inbuilt logger data transmission via GPRS


220-240VAC or 110V


Wall or pole mounted  (50mm pole).


600mm x 400mm x 230mm


Approx. 23kg



Casella Guardian Series References

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